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my apology

Posted by truefyran - 4 days ago

I am writing this post to sincerely apologize for my past behavior. Over the years, I have harassed a few individuals within this community and disrespected the platform as a whole. My actions were wrong, and I take full responsibility for the hurt and disruption I caused.

To those few individuals I have directly harassed, I am deeply sorry. Most of the time, my harassment stemmed from feelings of anger or stress. I recognize now that these emotions do not excuse my behavior. In many cases, I overestimated and overjudged your work, and for that, I am truly sorry. I understand the pain and frustration my actions must have caused you, and I am ashamed of the way I acted. I hope this apology can be a step towards making amends, though I know words alone cannot undo the harm.

I also want to apologize for a recent post where I blamed the entire Newgrounds community. I posted a drawing that was literally a text saying "fuck NG" (with NG standing for Newgrounds), expressing unjustified anger and claiming the website had an awful community. This was a gross misrepresentation and deeply unfair to the many wonderful members of Newgrounds. I regret this act of disrespect and the negativity it spread.

Throughout this experience, I have learned important lessons. I've come to understand that "one doesn't mean all" – that judging an entire group based on the actions of a few is unfair and wrong. I've also learned that "nothing lasts forever; one day it will change" – meaning that if there's something that triggers me or I dislike, I must remember that in most cases it will be forgotten. With these insights, I hope to avoid repeating my past mistakes.

I want to share that the reason I often reacted so hostilely was because I have been a victim of bullying, harassment, mistreatment, and harsh and harmful solutions on the internet in the past. These experiences made me feel worse and, unfortunately, contributed to my hostile reactions. While this does not excuse my actions, I hope it provides some context for my behavior.

Recently, I have been feeling very bad emotionally, which has contributed to my actions. However, I know this is not an excuse, and I am working on managing my emotions better.

To the entire Newgrounds community, I apologize for giving this platform the middle finger. Newgrounds is a place where creativity and community thrive, and my disrespect towards it was inexcusable. I regret my actions and the negative impact they had on this space.

Moving forward, I am committed to being a better member of this community. I want to learn from my mistakes, contribute positively, and show through my actions that I am sincere in my apology. I hope to build a better future and not repeat the mistakes of my past.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that over time, I can rebuild trust and show that I am truly sorry for my past behavior.




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